mjj (flemmings) wrote,

More various

1. I've made my peace with XP, more or less, except for two things. I can't run ipconfig-- a screen appears and blinks away before I can even see what's in it. And the damn thing keeps trying to install important updates!!! every time I log out, without telling me what they are.

2. mvrdrk, the flash cards came and they are soooo keeeyoot! though when did the Japanese buy Campus, I ask me. I thought it was a Canadian company. And I must have been asleep when I asked for the Word update because I didn't register it was Word 07 and not 03. I shall, ahem, be sending it back to you by return of post, with apologies for putting you to the trouble, and continue with my unimproved '97. I might include your copy of Journey to the West that I've had for lo these eight years, is it?

3. I have lost my copy of Casting Fortune. It was in the bedroom on Saturday and is not there now, not even in the bed where I, like my mother, regularly lose things even though I don't read in bed.

4. I shall never be able to read Chinese. Which is a pity, not just because of bb shousetsu written in period Ming style, but because of stuff like this. Hatsu Akiko never did akogare no bookmarks but of course the Chinese would.
Tags: 3k, rl_09, techy

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