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When even hanzi don't help

To have it handy-- the Dynasty Warriors cheat sheet aka Who's Who in 3K with off-putting pictures and spoilers galore. No, they're not (all) fat men with beards and yes, once you've plowed through the requisite chapters it's nice to have a summary that will remind you who these guys are, even if it also tells you how they died. Some of these guys, anyway. There are an awful lot of guys in 3K and they mostly spend their time killing each other. Man, if this yawnfest is the Romance, I'd hate to read the History. And this, boise girls, is why I avoid sengoku jidai as well.

PS Possibly I've been biased by mauvecloud or possibly it's just anvil-heavy obvious that Cao Cao is being shafted by the narrator.

ETA: hanzi for the Cast of Thousands.

PPS rasetsunyo sends me back to TalkingCock which reminds me why I love Singlish.

Singlish phrase used to express indignation at an inadequate attempt at an apology
Ah Kok: "Why you potong jalan my girlfriend?"
Ah Beng: "Ai yah, sorry lah!"
Ah Kok: "Sorry no cure! Ai tio hoot?"

A very unfortunate common mispronunciation of “cement”.

A very unfortunate mispronunciation of “cement mixer”.

Singlish pronunciation of 'civil servant'. One of the few Singlicisms that actually makes better sense than the original.

And my TO fave:

A wonderfully concise Hokkien adjective which conveys boredom, weariness, frustration and emptiness. The English equivalent would be "ennui".
1. “My job is damn sian, man.”
2. “Wah lau eh, I do A-maths, do until sian oreddy.”

For which you'd have to know about the CN Tower:

SIAN TAO (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien term meaning "bullshitter".
"Wah lao, let's get out of here. Sian Tao come oreddy."
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