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I've mentioned the disconnect I feel when I see a Japanese name I knew before I read Japanese and suddenly realize that oh hey Toshiro Mifune's family name is written 三船 three ships, and Akira Kurosawa's sawa, presumed swamp, is the older version 澤 and not the simplified 沢.**

Because I speak Japanese I still think of them as Mifune and Kurosawa ie I don't read the names in English. But I don't speak Chinese, and so am kerblonxed at coming across a Mr. Furry Swamp East in a Japanese text, with enough detail added that I can recognize him as the quondem Red red sun in our hearts. Mao Tse-tung as I grew up knowing him, Mao Zedong as I've come to think of him, Mousie Dung to reference Richard Kliban, or plain old 毛澤東. It's a shock that his family name is the first character in the Japanese word for blanket (毛布).

**And why wouldn't IME work when I tried to enter that character into this entry? The stupid tool (in all senses of the word) gets it into its head that I'm writing English and all the language toolbar clicking won't unconvince it. I have to go to another screen, or the google bar in this case, enter something in Japanese, and *then* I'm allowed to switch back and forth in the entry. Gaaah.
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