mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Finished The Privilege of the Sword. It is at the very least not unbearable, which may sound like damning with faint praise. Isn't intended to be: for a book I expected not to like at all, it not only held my interest but in the end made me want to read the third one in the trilogy. And since I was never a mad fan of Swordspoint or Alecenrichard, I didn't at all mind that it was doing unSwordspointy things. Could have wished for more detail and depth, or suggestion of same, but then again this was following on a reread of the Points series, which is a hard act to follow. And as I am now reading the Buddha of Suburbia, to have it read, and finding it the kind of book that would be fine if I could read it in 90 minutes but not when it will take me two or three days, yeah, Privilege looks like fun.

Am also having faint urges to tackle 3K again. Surely I could manage ten pages a day? or even five? Small daily increments and then I'll have book 1 read by mid-summer. Which is better than nothing.
Tags: china, reading_09

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