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March reading

Speaking to History, Cohen
--dangerous book. Informs me there's (presumably) a Japanese book on the creation of the hegemon during Spring-Autumn of which the Chinese book on same is (presumably) a translation. Cohen has not had a chance to look at this. Cohen does not possess google and a link to amazon.jp; I do, and am currently $30 the poorer for it.

Cohen annoyingly does not consider Uncle Ming's Gou Jian, preferring to concentrate on the two other series of the time-- 爭霸/ The Conquest (which Cohen says is called Zhengba chuangqi, no hanzi available).

And more especially the tourist-trade promoting 越王勾践/ Gou Jian King of Yue, which I wouldn't mind seeing except for, yanno, region and subtitle problems. There's a Japanese subtitled version which will only set you back about $600 and amazon's robbery at gunpoint shipping for the complete set. I cannot *believe* what DVDs cost in Japan. By contrast, The Conquest will only set you back $200 from yesasia, but with trad Chinese subtitles. This is why God made Chinatown knockoffs and region-free players. Or computers, once I figure out how that works.

Neverwhere, Gaiman
--was anyone else disappointed that the Marquis de Carabas isn't a real marquis? I thought London Below might be different, but no, aristocrats there are still all pasty white.

Point of Hopes
Point of Dreams

Lord Darcy Investigates, Garrett

A Swarm in May, Mayne
-- Mayne is a weird weird writer. The stuff he puts in and the stuff he leaves out are.. weird, and even weirder in a supposed kids' book. I wish he wasn't a total douche as well because then I could read more of him. (Didn't realize this had been made into a film.)

The Black Swan
-- I suppose one might as well assume that anything pre-oh-1980 will have its share of period icks which are either major and book-destroying or background ignorable. Sabatini's icks incline to the latter, so one can enjoy it for the simply good story-telling.

(I've turned the brightness on this monitor as high as it will go and my icons are still too dark to see. Is there anything else one can play with in the settings to up visibility? Though if I turn the screen almost horizontal, then the light appears. LED monitors- not all they're crackedup to be.)
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