mjj (flemmings) wrote,

February Reading

Jane and the Ghosts of Nettley

Johnny and the Dead- Pratchett

The Lantern Bearers- Sutcliffe
--read to have read, after picking it up at a yard sale or something, but it grows on you. And found that a line I'd remembered for several decades came from this, even though I remembered nothing else about it

Too Many Magicians- Garrett
--took me a long time to realize that Darcy's cousin my lord de London was Nero Wolfe. Took until Darcy was actually sitting in the red leather chair with all the suspects assembled, in fact

Lord Darcy Investigates- Garrett
--which I should have read before the previous because the novel contains spoilers for the first set of short stories

As my lone manga, another Kamitani Yuu.

As with last February I didn't read much because I was writing more. And then I wasn't writing because the old computer was in pieces having its hard drive transferred. But I wasn't reading because I was a) working nine hour days and b) sudying hanzi.
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