mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Howl howl howl: the Luddites' refrain

Nothing but nothing makes me want to lie on the floor and scream, or go and slit my throat, or just get seriously drunk for the next week, like a new edition of Windows. So now I have XP and I hate it.

Everything that used to be in Windows Explorer has been transferred to My Computer but Windows Explorer is still there, apparently for navigating the flipping desktop. If I want the actual drives, My Computer it is. Which *will* not remember that I want list-not-tiles, which is bad enough, but worse, won't give me the file extensions for my various documents. Possibly this is a glitch while I still lack a copy of Word, because the info appears when the mouse hovers over it; and then it insists that it's a wordpad document. But I think it expects me to look at the little icons to tell what's .doc and what's .htm. Thank you, I want to look at the flipping extensions.

Maybe Word will look better than Wordpad but I doubt it. The fonts are all the wrong size and they display too thin and there's too much space all around them. Screw 17" monitors, I hate them. I want my old old Win 95 back with its 15" screen and 640x480 resolution. I could write on that. I haven't been able to write happily on anything since, but even Win 98's humoungous screen is better than this, where my html documents display in blue font, which I hope they don't do on the net.

It has IE7 on it, and I want to be rid of IE7 aussitot que possible. Why in the name of sweet heaven did they get rid of the 'sites visited' on the right clicked back button? Seriously, *why*? But I can't DL anything because, ahem, like my Win98, this system won't connect to the net. Which is the only reason *why* I bought a new system, you know?

I congratulate myself on at least having transferred my OE folders successfully, but that's because I saved my OE folders to documents in the first place. I assumed basic stuff like Identities would be transferred when the files were but no, evidently not, so yes, good I backed up but dear god, seriously, what do people do whose computers crash? Back up to a separate system, obviously.

So I went to Staples to look at the mini computers, which are $400 if you want Windows. And the fonts are still pale and tiny (unlike this laptop, where they're too dark and blunt.) The world is contriving to silence me, she says, and it may succeed.
Tags: rl_09, techy
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