mjj (flemmings) wrote,

On a misty moisty morning...

...when the clocks have gone forward and the world yawns bleary-eyed in the sunless dim, what better thing to wake up to than Woxinchangdan as enacted by bunnies, from the uncanny brain of xsmoonshine qwerty?

"I beg you, reconsider your decision, Chief Rabbit," cried old Long Whiskers, his ears flattened with horror. "You must not take these hlessil into our warren. They will surely bring misfortune upon us. There is something of the look of elil about their Chief Rabbit's eyes that I quite mistrust."

"But what else is there to be done, then," asked Cabbage reasonably. "Having destroyed their warren, are we to leave our fellow rabbits to the mercies of the Thousand? What manner of rabbits will we be, then?"

"Indeed, Cabbage-rah is wise and gracious," said Barley over Long Whisker's protests. "What do you know of elil, anyway?"

AN-- Where Long Whiskers = Wu Zi Xu (someone who can speak Chinese properly will probably be better able to explain why this is funny to us), Barley = Bo Pi and Cabbage = Fu Chai for no reason whatsoever, and all characterisations derived from episode discussions read in passing and naught else. =)

So will someone who knows Chinese explain why Long Whiskers is funny for other than the obvious reasons?
Tags: humour, woxin

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