mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Dokugan Ryuu-oh: Goujun Appreciation Month

OIC. this is why I feel urges to write Gaiden gen. Well, and also 'Goujun and Goukou At Home' in some vague fashion. Clearly I am prescient.

(I wonder what XP's Japanese wordpack will be like, when using Vista's involves so many hoops my spirit faints within me. In Win 9* you clicked the JA button and it offered you a menu. That was far too simple for the MS techies; now you must place language bars somewhere on your page and do something else to make them work. And google for instructions because MS isn't going to tell. All this being by way of explanation why I wrote dokugan ryuuoh (one-eyed dragonking) in romaji up there.)
Tags: dragons, saiyuki_gaiden, techy
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