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The uses of adversity

Yesterday I was hanging around on the work computer waiting for my shift to start and somehow followed tags and such back to this post of paleaswater's with the link to Tudou's Best of Uncle Ming in 江山风雨情. Ran it on work's XP Pro, and ohh how much faster it is than on Win98. Jerky, like stop animation, but not the pause for five seconds every three seconds I'm used to. Came home and for interest's sake tried it on aniki's Vista. Like the wind, I tell you. And so I got to watch as Uncle Ming quivers and gasps and meets a most beautiful and dramatic end. Pity the screen's so small, is all, which is the advantage of a low resolution.

Like the wind on a laptop means the subtitles go too fast, but at work they were quite readable. And, lord, what a difference ten days of plugging away at simplified hanzi (instead of playing Yukon solitaire) has made in my reading comprehension. Then I went and viewed some Woxin against the day when I have a wp program again, on the old compy or the new. (Am currently wondering what happened to the case and motherboard of my old system, because it's not down at BB. Wibble wibble again.) Had sudden satori in middle of Gou Jian's address to the ancestors. All those courtiers who preface their remarks with 'chen yiwei' are actually saying 臣以為, y/n? So when did 以為 start to mean 'believe wrongly'? which is the sense Gou Jian uses it in there. And not 'the minister humbly and mistakenly believes you shouldn't wage war on Wu'?
Tags: chinese, rl_09, woxin
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