mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Techy snarls

I had to *bike down* to *College St* in the *rain* this morning to tell Mr. Wei to install the East Asian language pack on my new machine because you can't get it off the net as you did in Win9x, second hand machines don't come with an install disk, and BB tech support doesn't answer their phones. This also means I can't have Chinese enabled on the work machine. On the plus paw, Mr Wei became markedly friendlier when I said I needed Chinese and Japanese enabled.

Since my ancient Photoshop won't work in XP, does anyone have a pic-editing program they'd recommend?

Why in God's name does IE7 no longer list sites visited when you right-click the back button? Is this a move to make everyone change over to Foxfire?

Anent the Great Diaspora-Defying Chinese Cultural Collective Unconscious I mentioned here, and its love of doomed attraction between enemies ending in one killing the other and, for choice, himself as well-- I wandered over to next door last night to consult with my bro and discovered them watching a Japanese film about Genghis Khan that seems to have gone on for about four hours. I stayed to watch a chunk, during which there were about five identical battles as Genghis' childhood friend tried to be the one to unite the Mongols and failed, while Genghis chivalrously refrained from attacking friend's men cattle and lands. In the end CF insists that Genghis kill him with his bare hands, 'not shedding a drop of blood', and Genghis does so to a montage of scenes of childhood friendship and sad music. So maybe it's a pan-Asian thing?

(Follows the great and seriously overdone coronation scene. Follows, you'd think, the end of the film. But oh no, next we must have father-son 'we must kill each other' angst. At that point I went home.)
Tags: film, japan, techy

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