mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Build them to last, Mr, Gates- *to last*

Aaaughhhh. Just went to Best Buy and ordered a customized computer. XP, floppy drive, CD burner, 17 screen. Thank god my bro was there to deal with the scary male staff who kept raising his eyebrows every time I said I wanted x or y or z.

I hate technology.

Also- fifty dollars to transfer my files? WHY IS THAT NOT AN AUTOMATIC SERVICE?

Also- Windows doesn`t come with Word or any office functions? WHY IS THAT NOT AN AUTOMATIC PART OF THE PACKAGE?

Also- I seem to have turned on the é macro on the question mark slash key, and now have no more question marks or slashes. How does one turn it off? (answer- close the document and reopen.)
Tags: rl_09, techy

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