mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Windows of the soul

If I must have an eye exam I don't want and that I have to pay for myself (and it wasn't even the thrice-damned Tories that removed eye care from the public health, IIRC, but those pseudo-little friends of all the world Liberals) it helps to have it conducted by a breezy, cheerful, knowledgeable young doctor with (my image of) a Ming dynasty scholar face-- narrow, oval, thin-nosed, ought to be wearing an academician's cap instead of that distressing gelled feather cut. (Also needs a moustache.) I get told everything I want to know without having to bang it loose with a chisel, plus aesthetic perks.

As a plus it appears I have neither cataracts, glaucoma, nor macular degeneration. As I've been in an 'I'm growing old and blind' funk for the last ten days, this is good news. The reason I can't see is blocked oil-producing machinery, which gets unblocked by hot compresses on the eyes ten minutes a day, 2000 units of Omega3 (salmon oil if I can digest it, which I don't think I can) and new contact rinsing solution which is essentially- urk- hydrogen peroxide. I am growing old, yes, but not blind yet.
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