mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My spirit faints within

I had the sudden urge to start finishing Angel Sanctuary (because there's at least five or six manga left to go, longer than some series) but when I looked to see where I left off and to find a familiar plot point... I couldn't. Apparently I've never seen any of this before. That means I have to re-read AS in its entirety. So, you know, laters.

Because the Onmyouji novels are much better anyway. Finished the story that Onmyouji 1 was largely based on, with chivalrous!Hiromasa being more generous than most western paladins ever were (possible exception: Let never a man a-wooing wend that lacketh thinges three/ A store of gold, an open heart, and full of charity) and now the plot-bunnies are raising snuffly noses from out the deep grasses around Seimei's house. I wait only for them to emerge. In time, all in good time.
Tags: angelsanct, onmyouji

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