mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Shake your booty

Proof positive that Canada Post hoards parcels. Late this morning I heard the screen door slam-- well, open and shut. Someone dropping pizza flyers in the slot, no doubt, except there were no pizza flyers visible when I went downstairs. But when I opened the front door to go to work, four, count them four packages tumbled into the hallway. Checking post marks after opening them tonight, I see that qwerty's and zan's were mailed a week apart but somehow showed up on the same day. Boo hiss to Canada Snail/ Escargot Canada, and much gratitude to everyone else.

Thus I wish to thank

a) i_am_zan for the pink split-toed socks. 'Japanese toed socks' is what the label says, and yes, it does sound like both 'Japanese toad socks' and 'socks for Japanese toes (which but natch are different from everyone else's)'. And the lovely red New Year's card. (I will in fact wear them because the easiest footwear to get on and off in the Baby section- where as in Japan one must have different shoes for inside the section and out- is thong sandals, but because we have no toad socks one can only use them in summer.)

b) xsmoonshine for the Big Man DVDs or whatever they technically are. Like all episoded discs they won't play in either machine, rot it. However there's a laptop in my near future and I shall make certain it plays in those.

c) incandescens for the multicoloured fingerless gloves she knitted. Perfect for that chilly room, my study. And your wool *still* smells of some perfume which wasn't the Lush soap-I-assume? packed in with it.

d) abyss_goat for the Kozerosum with the 'let's all get naked together to keep warm' Saiyuki manga and the Gojou/Hakkai bookmark. Trains go on and we grow old, Fearless Leader, is why God made heating patches and muscle relaxants for post-Comiket trips.

Thank you one and all!
Tags: rl_09

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