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Why I love my FL

Reading flo_nelja I'm moved to wonder why 'le test de Bechdel' sounds so much more elegant to my ear than 'The Dykes to Watch Out For test.' I've never heard anyone say 'Bechdel's test' in English, possibly because it sounds like it belongs with Bernoulli's principle and Schrödinger's cat.

(Answers and questions, old NYT word game.
A: Bernoulli's principle.
Q: Who teaches math at Bernoulli High?)

lebateleur has seen Red Cliff. Yes I know-- and so have all of you. And so might I if I bought it at the Chinatown Store of Dubious Provenance DVDs That Don't Always Play Even On A No-region. But lebateleur saw it with Japanese subtitles. I burn with envy.

Epic fragment from, well, some years ago anyway, currently semi-applicable to my state:
When you go to kiss your honey
and your nose is kinda runny
you may think it's very funny
but it's snot
This is because *my* honies, all ten or fifteen of them depending how you count, *will* kiss me (or infant variation thereof ie let me wipe my face on your neck/ hair/ cheek/ boobs/ upper thigh) when their noses are uhh kinda runny. Even the best-honed immune system caves eventually, and mine has.

(Had forgotten the first line, which is why Google rules.)
Tags: fandom, language, rl, wuxia
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