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Had some nattering thoughts about Writing the Other, which basically came down to Whose Other Anyway? Put them away to be thought through again.

Instead will wish Happy Birthday to kickinpants and share my most recent food discovery.

Must be winter. The urge to eat Pig rises up strongly from my maternal ancestry. So does the urge to eat cheese. This leads to ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches, which somehow never quite satisfy. Unless. Unless.

Unless one puts the ham slice into a no-stick frying pan with the cheese slice on top and heats gently until the cheese melts, meanwhile toasting two slices of bread in the pan as well. Turn bread over when brownish. Flip ham onto bread, cheese side down so it sticks. Reflip onto ham side if desired to melt cheese more. (Slap on a dash of mustard if desired, which I normally don't.) Add second slice of bread. Voila. Instant croque-monsieur.
Tags: food, rl

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