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Meme: Top 10 fictional crushes

Gacked from supacat

Had to go a waaaaays back for some of these. If I'm to trust my memory (which I probably shouldn't) I was, in fantasy at least, a block of ice all through my 30s. Which, not perhaps coincidentally, was when I was dating most.

Chronological order, because, well--
I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best
I can't keep track of each fallen robin
I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
That's all-- I don't even think of you that often
1. Mr Spock
-- because nothing is as pure as sixteen year old love. Except for fifteen year old, fourteen year old, and thirteen year old love, but they weren't fictional. Historical and dead, except for Nureyev, but scarcely fictional.

2. Steerpike in Gormenghast
-- repulsive and fascinating and not, for a change, a languid aristo or a spoiled Bon-chan. Brains is sexy. (See above) Of course he Doesn't Know His Place and must end badly at the hands of the spoiled Bon-chan/ authorial insert. What race does to unthinking American writers, class does to unthinking English ones.

3. Servis in Papuwa
-- we've just skipped from 1979 to 1993. 'In the deserts of the heart...' What thawed the imaginative ice of my 30s in one fell stroke.

4. Takamatsu in Papuwa and Channel 5
-- the intersection of dorky creepiness and sexuality. Repulsive and compelling and oddly sympathetic.

5. Ageha in Basara
-- compelling and conflicted, one like Millamant who won't be thanked and won't be kissed, who is eminently capable of acting effectively but refuses to. (And when he does act, the series is already on a downward spiral.) I suppose it makes it more tragic that the core of his tragedy is love for someone who simply isn't worth it.

6. Haruka in Sailor Moon
-- f/f done right. Moral dilemmas and moral choices for the flirtatious sexual character are odd enough, but when the character is a woman and the moral dilemmas aren't about love at all, because love isn't a problem--- well. Stout Cortez time again. If only Tamura (see 5) had been as happy to jettison shoujo tropes as Ikuhara was. I don't ask for a complete deconstruction as in Utena, just a little thought.

7. Hakkai
-- the introvert intellectual's choice of the four. Braiiiiins again.

8. Gou Jian, pre-Wu
-- which is to say, Uncle Ming with long glossy hair (I know it's a wig, but wibble wibble anyway), silken robes and a moustache, oddly reprising pre-defeat Richard II. Unpredictable, untrustable, cat-like, bloody-minded. And impossibly sensuous of course. 透着一股子的心高气傲,不可一世。寒如水,冷如冰 and all that. (呉中 Gou Jian has his points too, but it hurts too much.)

9. Ya Yu
-- because she's beautiful, and yes I know the hair is a wig as well and frankly I hate her imperial hairstyles; but in Wu, god she was beautiful with her hair long and bound back. And because she has a beautiful voice, even though it's not the actress'. And because she's sensible and practical and loving and unflinchingly loyal right up to the end-- her end, not *the* end. And that small earthshaking betrayal still destroys me.

10. Wen Zhong
-- well, because. *Love* the old dromedary.
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