mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Suckitude, suckitude, and all is suckitude, except for a lovely comment on this entry about differing social customs:

A bit like when I used to wander around looking for stuff and murmuring, "Wo? Wo? Wo ist der neugeborne König der Juden?"

Doesn't have the same ring in English, but made me laugh.

Also there's no way I'm doing 50books_poc this year. I am doing 1fic_poc with kareny's 千秋一梦, Dream of a Thousand Autumns, at the end of which I shall be, as ever, blind or semi-literate or both. Even after two paragraphs of half-understood impressionist prose I'm wondering how you do that in English. Don't say Moonwise. How do you do that briefly in English?

And after reading feliciter's translation of the last third, I'm wondering how, or if, one does Fu Chai/ Gou Jian sex in English. Note that /, BTW; it's important.
Tags: language, woxin
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