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Ah. Hm. An interesting point. Here it is (almost) the year of the ox (go me) and I'm not sure what an ox is. Wikipedia says it's a castrated bull. (Wikipedia also tells me what a freemartin is, which is something I'd never heard of. It also says that an aurochs is an extinct kind of cattle, when I'd always assumed it was some sort of deer. Live and learn.)

But are Chinese oxen all castrated bulls? Are there uncastrated bulls in China? Were there uncastrated bulls in Spring-Autumn? Are we thinking water buffalo and not bulls at all? If there were cattle in China from early on why did China never develop a dairy culture? Oxen gore, as I know from glancing references to passges in the Talmud (no, don't ask: flypaper memory) but do Chinese oxen gore?

Of course google doesn't say (except in a dense paper about zoological classification of cattle) and anyone else who might know is busy celebrating. But when you're finished with the dumplings and all, could you tell me?

And then I'll know whether Fu Chai can look like a bull about to lower his horns.
Tags: china, language, woxin

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