mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why I am a technophobe

Of all the weird crapshoots, region-free DVD player and Chinatown DVDs of dubious provenance is turning out to be the weirdest. As in:

Of the 'would not play on my old region 1 player'

-- Death Note, the Japanese movie with Chinese subtitles, plays on USA setting
-- Rainbow/ 我心飛翔, mainland film with English subtitles, plays on Hong Kong setting
-- The Promise/ 無極, Chinese film with English subtitles plays on China
-- Warriors of Heaven and Earth/ 天地英雄, Chinese film with (I'm guessing) no English subtitles on this cut, won't play on any setting
-- qwerty's on-disk Running Out of Time film plays (on Hong Kong setting) but her eps of Uta-kata and Tactics don't play at all
-- Prince of Han, that does play on my region 1, played here-- eventually-- on USA but won't let me change the subtitles to traditional Chinese

and weirdest of all
-- region 1 NAmerican release Woxin won't play on any setting.
Tags: film, techy, wuxia

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