mjj (flemmings) wrote,

When I get home the house is dark

Well, that was interesting in a 'How the other half lives' fashion. 24 hours without heat in January still beats nearly three days without fans in August, especially when it's not the whole city, and even the affected area has pockets of lights still on.

Given it was a sprinkler system malfunctioning at a substation and nothing weather-related, I must wonder why electricity never goes off at some decent time of the year, like May. No matter. It doesn't. Though I learned last night the not infrequent short blackouts we experience in spring and summer are the fault of squirrels electrocuting themselves at the top of a specific hydro pole a few blocks from me.

Otherwise gas stove = win. Spent yesterday afternoon making soup. When sun began to wester I decided to use the stove, but thriftily thought I should put something *in* the stove while I was doing it, so went up to self-powered Blahblahs for cook-from-frozen turkey. And having got that far, figured I should take up the invite of the mother of a little friend (run into on way to work in morning) to drop in on their pocket of warmth a few blocks away. Of course as I got there their lights went out, but that was the dorks working on the Hydro pole down the street from them doing something dumb, as heard and seen by me in passing.

And after we'd had dinner and wine, and number 1 daughter came back from restaurant dinner with her sleep-over friend, and number 2 daughter departed with friend for *her* sleep-over (modern motherhood, to my eyes, is half chauffeur and half bread and breakfast operator), they pressed me to spend the night. I was kuyokuyo-ing about my pipes, so she ran me over to look at my house. A tangle of hydro trucks at the bottom of my block looked promising-- this blackout required lotsa men in lotsa trucks attending to individual poles, which makes me wonder what this grid stuff is all about. Street lights were on for half my block, including in front of my place; house lights were on for half the block, but not at my place. This piecemeal return of electricity is very odd and not how we did it in '03, which was block by block. Whatever, I grabbed pjs and tooth brush and lens case and came back and slept in the sloping attic room within sight of rows of snow covered roofs pretending to be the mountains of Nagano, and woke early to read Mushishi in English.

And then I came home and that was that.

Otherwise all my friends are getting into live action series about white men. I disapprove of this trend, in case anyone was asking. I want them to be into live action series featuring Uncle Ming.

And dear god if I thought Blood and Iron had a complicated back story, it's as nothing to the present politics of Ink and Steel. The former I'm sure was down to accretionism; the latter is pure bloody-mindededness. Argh, politics.
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