mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This is the fic that never ever ends

Long fic is long and I am at my witzend.

Given that I wrote the prequel to it five years ago, it's not suprising that Kaiei at the Southern Ocean should have become an unwieldy mass by now. Given that it's an unwieldy mass, it's not surprising that it should take so long, especially as I'd rather be working on wieldy masses, like its various sequels. I'd thought of just chopping off the first part and treating the end as a separate story, but Kaiei becoming enamoured of Pipang really grows out of all he was doing in his uncle's palace.

My problem is that the word document is now too damned big to get around in, especially if I want to edit bumpfy passages out but save them for later inclusion should I need them. Should I chop everything up into de facto chapters, make them all separate docs, and keep track that way? Yes, I know novel writers use excel spread sheets, but I never mastered excel. Bear in mind too my high resolution: I can't have several windows open simultaneously on the same screen and switch back and forth, not without going to 800x600 and straining my eyes.

So what do you guys do?
Tags: dragons, techy, writing

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