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There was a package waiting for me when I got home last night: mvrdrk's Christmas present. But I saved it for today to open (Friday, birthday, end of looong week.)

It's a modern Chinese landscape-- painting? print? 'After Overnight Rain'--

In the mountains after a night of rain, the trees turn out hundreds of waterfalls

as the translation on the back says. (And I was able to read almost all of that in the Chinese except for the 'turn out' hanzi.)

Because google is everyone's friend, I found it online, and you may get an idea what it looks like here. Which does no justice to the detailing and the green of the trees and hills and the brightness of their trunks and the faint blush of dawn on the highest mountain at the top rising above a valley of mist, but should give you an inkling of its beauty.

Thank you so much, L!
Tags: art, china, rl_09, verse
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