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I can read a translated volume of AnK faster than two translated manga, and both faster than a thin Pratchett juvenile. This says terrible things about Yoshihara, her translator, and my reading ability, natch. But when 90% of a book is verbal bumpf, how fast it goes even if I don't skim (and I never do). My feeling is that the book's 186 pages cover about fifteen of the novel, because I remember these sections well and I read them over a weekend. And dear god, Yoshihara congratulating herself on expanding the Kirie/ Manon sex scene so it sounds like teen-fan PWP. Augh.

The manga was Otougi-zoshi 1&2, bought at discount under the misapprehension that it was the anime manga-ized, or the manga they made the anime from, when in fact it's a pointless prequel. Bah. Back to our muttons aka Silver Diamond in Japanese.
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