mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Tidings of the season

(Ah! It's back. lj's back! I breathe again.)

Happy birthday to my clutch of end-of-Decembrists: luxetumbra, joasakura, and stanking.

Otherwise, I'm terribly sorry but I shall be unreachable for the next month or so, on account of paleaswater just sent me 大汉天子 and 女巡按, those Uncle Ming omnibuses, both without English subtitles. I intend to drive the cold winter away by sitting in front of the TV squinting ferociously at the Chinese ones. At the end of which I shall be either blind or semi-literate. (There's what looks like a laptop DVD player in the Bloor stores. I'm... tempted, if that's what they are, because these DVDs will play on a region 1 player, and it'd be nice to have mandarintools handy when I'm, um, reading my TV series.)
Tags: rl_08, techy, woxin
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