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Whatever the malign astrological influences are that've been at work this last week, they're still working overtime. I find myself sinking into a generalized sullen irritation: though mind you, a threatened transit strike is reason enough to be irritable. I could silver-line it: a transit strike means more money for replacement worker me, since certain staff can't or won't get into work if it happens. But I don't feel like silver-lining it. I feel like sneering at the one staff who loudly insists that *she* isn't walking any three subway stops to work; the more so as another staff who lives thirteen stops away and across the Viaduct is all prepared to bicycle in.

Actually it's got a lot to do with Hellsing, which is part of what's putting me in a bad mood. It's violent. Violence does that to me.

I suppose the goriness of shounen/ seinen with their massacres of millions and heads flying like tennis balls and unmoved depiction of the deaths of innocents is just a Japanese fantasy trope designed to provide a venting op for the conforming oppressed masses. The omnipresent murderousness is no different from the omnipresent rape of yaoi and BL. Which is fine. But y'know, the rape trope does very little for me either these days. A dozen years is quite long enough to lose the thrill of seeing a taboo broken; and now the unthinking dj/BL reflex of 'tie 'im up and rape 'im' merely looks puerile. (Jeez, you're still doing *that* one?)

So I am currently underwhelmed by the Hellsing manga and the Hellsing mangaka alike. Yes OK you're a Japanese male, I got that part. Now do something different. Manga Integra is certainly something different from the anime version, but I'm not yet satisfied that she's something different in her own right. At the end of vol 4 she's still looking very much like a guy with boobs, end take. Since she began by looking like something more innovative, I feel let down. Male wet dream, yeah, OK. Why expect anything else?

So what with disappointment and graphic sadism and the chronic mediocrity of the human race (and by extension fandom, some at least of which is subsumed under the previous category) I'm in a pissy mood. I think the solution is to read my last volume of Matendou Sonata.

(Oh, and Gankutsu-ou. The Count ceases to be the rivetting figure he was and becomes to my eyes a mad dog in need of putting down: if anyone can manage the feat. But yet- but yet-- the pity of it, Iago! O Iago, the pity of it.)
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