mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Joy to the world

xsmoonshine draws a seasonal pic for the Woxin fans.

Selon qwerty:
Gou Jian did not approve of Fu Chai's new idea for bringing a little colour to the Spring Festival. (Ya Yu has no comment.)

Is this not magnificent? Thank you, qwerty.

"The King of Yue lives most plainly," said the ambassador of Xi. He lowered his voice. "Is it true he sleeps in his own stables?"
"Yes," said Wen Zhong. "He lies every night on a bed of brushwood so as never to forget the humiliation of his state in Wu."
"And I note he refrains from lavish meat and drink at meals as well."
"He drinks only gall, so as never to forget the bitterness of his captivity in Wu."
The ambassador's voice sank to a whisper. "And... the *hat*?"
Wen Zhong remained unperturbed. "It keeps his head warm. Have you ever *slept* in a stable?"

(As a writer, let me say how I burn with envy that I'll never be able to express Fu Chai's dorkiness, Gou Jian's Uncle Ming's smoulder, and Ya Yu's Ahh!Ya Yu-ness in a few simple strokes like this.)
(Wrote Yay Yu the first time; up there with Fab Li as a typo, and much more appropriate.)
Tags: art, humour, woxin, xmas
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