mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ming fever

I'm googling for pictures of Chen Daoming's hands, being too lazy to go downstairs and look at my DVDs, and I come across this page, which is amusing in a Horizon magazine "I shall not look upon his like again" way. (References an article that demonstrated eg the physical resemblance between Machiavelli and Pierre Trudeau.)

And then I come across this from 少年包青天.

I will not pay $80 for an unsubtitled series where he plays what must be a minor part...
...but I'm almost tempted. paleaswater, was this the one you said made him look like Nomura Manzou?

(And what, pray tell, is this intriguing-looking thing that can only be played on PAL though it's DVD-all? Have not time before work to decipher the chinese, though I think I'm dealing with a bunch of names there?)

Tags: woxin
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