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Dark and slippery night of the soul

Outside it snows. Inside I huddle in fearful apprehension and shuddering terror. My scars, let me show you them. So I shall meme, thanks to feliciter:

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

Thus I do what I've never done, and natter about music.

So tonight I'll sing a song for all my friends

Ay triste que vengo (Alas I wander in sadness)
In a city of faces where no one looks back;
壊れるほど愛しても (though I love you so much I'm broken by it)
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.

For to see bad Tom of Bedlam
兎追いしかの山 (those hills where I once chased rabbits)
Across the vein of night there comes a shaft of searing light
君が代は千代に (may your reign, for a thousand years)

What'll you do when you get lonely,
When all the clocks stop
Light the candle, John,
夕闇迫る雲の上 (above the clouds as dusk draws in).

Go to bed, the priests are dead,
Shadows are falling and I'm running out of breath.
There is a house in New Orleans
In the darkest hour in the dead of night.

Eleanor put those boots back on.
Some say love, it is a river.
O Fortuna, velut luna!
Hot summer night, storm clouds in the air

1. Juan del Encina, Ay Triste que Vengo perf David Bellugi
2. October Project, After the Fall (ganked from someone's playlist for Gonou and Kanan)
3. Siam Shade, Sanbun no Ichi, closing credits for some season of Rurouni Kenshin and the only decent music that anime produced in my ever-so-very HO
4. Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows, post-op prezzie from mikeneko
5. Steeleye Span, Boys of Bedlam. I keep thinking of deleting this one and never do, but I still usually skip it when it comes up. Trad it may be but trad could be twee too.
6. Japanese trad, Furusato (My Home Town.) All accidental associations with Springsteen apart, all cloying Meiji sentimentality apart, this song is the only one that routinely gets me all teary, for a rather long reason I may tell you about some other time.
7. Dan Fogelberg, Nexus
8. The Japanese National anthem, natch
9. Eric Clapton, Layla
10. The Spoons, When Time Turns Around. Another post-op prezzie from mikeneko
11. Loreena McKennitt, Skellig
12. Teru no Uta, theme song to Gedo Senki. Much more respectable than Furusato and equally heart-tuggy, it probably should never be translated into English (even if they get 'Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou' right, which no one I've found does) because it contains those quintessentially Japanese phrases 'hitori botchi' and 'samishii' in the same line.
13. Tori Amos, Merman. Notable for unhearable lyrics, as demonstrated by wildly differing online attempts to give same. Not sure if she really sings 'You're my little goat' and not 'girl', but it'd be cool if she did.
14. Warren Zevon, Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile.
15. Oh come on, you all know this one.
16. Lyle Lovett, I Will Rise Up
17. Franz Ferdinand, Eleanor Put Your Boots On. I always think this is about writing. Of course, I happen to know an Eleanor who regularly removes her boots; also her shoes, socks, and occasionally her diaper. But 'Eleanor, put your diaper back on' doesn't quite cut it.
18. Bette Midler, The Rose. I never claimed to be highbrow in my tastes.
19. Carl Orff, O Fortuna. Well, sometimes I am.
20. Honeymoon Suite, New Girl Now. This too was, need I say it, a post-op prezzie from mikeneko. Given that I have a grand total of (gasp!) 39 pieces on my playlist, I'd say this frequency goes beyond statistical chance.

Didn't note the orchestrals I skipped, but there was a lot of erhu music in there. Actually the Jpnse Natl Anth has no lyrics but I always sing along with it anyway so it counts that way. Also I have two versions of the Woxin theme, and neither turned up. Just as well, probably.
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