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December 31 Days prompts

Oh-- now this could prove interesting. Why it has to be December, a time when part/time workers have no time at all (well, until the blessed Long Weekend of Christmas itself) is just one of life's little ironies. I shall of course spend the entire month writing Dec 31's.

1) let snow and silence mark the site of my unseemly appetite
2) make him tame so he can live in peace with the world
3) I appeal to your scratches and your tattered fur
4) making love in the temple
5) glorious eyes that smile and burn
6) I'll argue the point no longer, only cry for you a little
7) did you find enlightenment in the Western Paradise?
8) why should our children learn about monsters
9) generations of poison, centuries of poison
10) here's vengeance for your story-books
11) dying is what, to live, each has to do
12) those who early loved in vain
13) and you return to us in this condition--!
14) who knows perhaps I'll catch me a God
15) only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling at all
16) and night with different stars
17) but if I try to find you there are only the shadows
18) a common passion for the lonely hour
19) and he chants the hate of a million years
20) far now they be, fierce and free, and tamed is he
21) and by dark arts cast a light
22) light distilled before his time and ours
23) drunk with his own light
24) take care of all our dreams
25) a thousand sunsets in a box
26) come back in joy, come back in pain
27) and you honored in blood rite
28) grown small and thin with desire
29) nevertheless, to be curious is dangerous enough
30) the universe plunging at last into its cold decline
31) Here Lies a Veritable Dragon.

A very simple google serach for the last prompt suggests that all these come from The Poetical Cat: An Anthology
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