mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hope Deferred

I am never going to read Moonwise. So much is obvious.

Despairing of bookmooch (which has a copy but won't ship out of the US even though the copy was originally reserved for someone in England) I ordered it online from one of those discount places that sells it for a cent plus shipping. Arrived within ten days, which is good for mail from the States. Opened the package. Out comes invoice- Moonwise by Greer Giman. Out comes book-- Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Jillian Karr, once the property of the Harford County Library, Fallston/ Barrettsville branch. I email the online bookstore last night and today, returning home twelve hours after I left, get their answer of Oh so sorry and we don't have another copy we'll credit your account. Well, fine. But what happens when the person who ordered Something Borrowed, Something Blue gets my copy of Moonwise?

Also saw The Book of the Dead in a free screening at the Bloor. Almost all the online summaries I can find are describing a movie that isn't the one I saw. I need to do a bit more chewing on this one, possibly after a re-viewing of Legend of the Sacred Stone, concerning which I have nattered before.
Tags: film, reading_08

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