mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My used book-fu was on today. Copped another Holdstock at Eliot's Books. Very satisfying. Also saw dentist and had tooth ground down so I'm no longer biting on it. That it was possible to grind it down is a testimony to how well naproxen works when taken in quantity.

Must note also dramatic cold-weather sunset clouds yesterday evening, purple-black and scarlet-gilt, and bright Tokyo-January cold sun on the bare trees this morning. (Unseasonably cold for TO November, usual for Tokyo January.) See out the corner of the mind's eye uncapturable glimpses of places I knew there. So much of place-memory is things I wasn't really looking at at the time, which may be why it never comes back whole.
Tags: holdstock, japan, place, reading_08, rl_08

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