mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Could man be drunk forever/ With liquor, love, or fights"

...he would feel rather as I do now. Bar the fights bit. I also note that it's taken a cup and a bit of gin and vermouth to make me even slightly tiddly, *and* to shut my tooth up. My tooth didn't make a peep while I was at work, exactly as I expected, but the minute I walked out of the building...? Yeah.

Oh yes- am I drinking while taking an anti-inflammatory? Why yes. Yes I am. Ato wa hidoi darou, but one does what one must. Johnson cocktail at least snagged me a sudden detail that makes the current fic feel for a moment like dragon stories past, and for that I'm grateful.

Otherwise, Isak Dineson isn't the stylist I want to be reading at the moment, but I have no other so I'm reading her.
Tags: dragons, reading_08, rl_08, writing

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