mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Whiffenpoof redivivus

Look, I know I live in Canuckistan, a welfare nanny state of passive grass-nibbling sheep who never have to look out for themselves because there's always a bureaucrat ready to, actually, not do it for you, so you can exercise your god-given Canadian right to complain that the fed-gov or Queen's Park or the mayor or the police or *somebody* isn't doing their job. I know I lack moral fibre and rugged independence and all those marvellous traits that make countries that are not Canada the fibrous rugged independent places they are. Well, fine.

Daylight Saving ends tonight at 2 am, if my googling is correct. But the Toronto Star has unaccountably failed this year to alert the populace to the necessity of turning their clocks back tonight. (Too busy talking about foreign elections, grump.) The effect of this is to make the sheep in this corner uncertain that the clocks really do go back at 2 am.
Tags: rl

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