mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Suck for a pun, part who the hell can keep count?

It's like in LoTR, all those bits where it says, "And Aragorn followed in the van." That always makes me laugh. Riding on horseback is all very well, you know, but as the heir to the throne of Middle Earth, Aragorn had to make sure the sound equipment made it to Helm's Deep okay. In my mind, it's a white van with ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE written on it in tengwar, trundling along across the bad roads of Rohan behind the hobbits, and Aragorn's all, "Guys, I want to ride my noble horse and make conversation with fair Eowyn," and they're all, "Aragorn, just get in the fucking van and watch the amps."
And also because I *haven't* read that giantest fifteenth century English translation of an awesome French fairytale, and don't even know where to get a copy. But how can one not love someone who has 'medievalism = awesome' as a tag and who takes the piss out of Bernard of Clairveaux? "...a twelfth century male Servalan, terrifying and flattening everybody." Oh internets, you're like Christmas every day.

(Oh, and check out the first thread on the metaquotes entry, ye musicians here present. Even the unmusical may boggle in glee.)
Tags: humour

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