mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The orthographer grows philosophical

Half the time I think going back to the looseness of spelling that Shakespearian (Shaxperian, Shakesperian, Shaksperian, Shaxberdian) English had would be cool, and half the time I think chatspeak and the net have done exactly that and hate it with an unyielding passion. (Pet hates, in no order: to instead of too ('I want one like that to.' To what, is my automatic response); alot as one word; and the apostrophe'd plural: 'many country's are feeling the credit pinch.' Dear god, what *do* they teach them in these schools?)

And in between I have random moments at the front lines, where written English yields to spoken, and am inclined to be charmed by things like 'without more adieu' (no use in long good-byes) and 'waiting on tenderhooks.' Tenderhooks sound rather pleasant, in fact.

And then I think it's just because I'm a suck for a pun, and 'tenderhooks' is quite as bad as 'company's.'
Tags: language

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