mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Nature imitating art

JagNORmous hunter's moon near the horizon tonight. Lost half its size once in the sky, but still. Big. Big and SCAReeee.

The weekend was gorgeous. Clearest blue skies, softest warm sun, trees gold and red and purple. Went for a walk yesterday evening and kept saying 'Hasui. Hasui. All these Hasuis *everywhere*.' Yellow autumn trees against dark green ones. Bands of sunset clouds across an innocent blue sky. Dark tree branches against a salmon coloured background.

But I started collecting Hasui twenty years ago. How come it's only in the last five years that I've started seeing him all over the place?

Finally occurred to me that it was only in the last five years that I've had access to a /lot/ of Hasui. It's not like the print market in 80's TO was flooded with him. Even in Tokyo, the Ueno Museum put out a collection of his prints only once in every eight rotations, menaing two years, and maybe twenty prints tops each time. By pure chance I wandered across a museum in Magome that had a collection of Hasuis, one leaden Sunday when I'd come to look at plum blossoms instead. Even they didn't have much on exhibit but I bought a collection of postcards from them, and have only just realized that the moon in Magome in my icon-- a stand of trees among open fields-- is that same built-up and residential Magome in Ota-ku I visited in 1996.

But once there was broadband and google, I had more Hasui than I could remember. Of course, it's a bit pay yer money and take yer chances. Prints themselves vary from printing to printing. Scan it and play with photoshop and you can wind up with very different versions of the same thing (this is just as true of reproductions and calendar prints, BTW. There's always too much yellow, generally speaking.) No online Niigata or Shinobazu Pond looks like the ones I own myself. Mine are sharper, clearer, more defined; but 'adjust contrast' or 'sharpen filter' can't duplicate that look.

Equally, though I can look at the trees across the way, green on the May holiday weekend and gold on the October one, and at once say 'Hasui!' both times, I can never *find* the Hasui they remind me of. So I went looking for Hasuis that looked like Toronto does when I have my Hasui! reflex. And I think I've stumbled on the crux of the problem.

Real-life Hasuis don't look like the ones online. The colours are such that scanners don't pick them up. Granted that, online Hasuis look more like Hasui in thumbnail than in full. So what I'm remembering probably are the thumbnails to various prints.

So I have a gallery of faves here. Look at the pretty thumbnails and click on the larger image only if you want.

However, if I win a lottery, first thing I do is hop a plane to New York and buy me all these Hasuis. No, not online. Don't be silly.

ETA: Oh poo. lj galleries only allow you 25 images per page. So I must find more hasuis to fill up that second page.
Tags: art, hasui, lj, rl_08, techy

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