mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yes Virginia, there *is* a way to unsmug a Canadian, and the Toronto Star has discovered it, rot their pointed heads. One could always leave comments on the Star's webpage articles but in the olden days (last week) you had to click to read them. Now the webpage features a whole column of them up near the top, well before the financial news even. The amount of Dumb, agonizingly illiterate makes-the-fanpoodles-look-like-Ph.ds-Dumb, that sits there screaming at me has broken my spirit. Where can one move to when Canadians come off as ignorant partisan bigots?

The coup de grace was delivered by the latest WARD arriving today. 'The bathroom lightbulb's burned out... How far'd I get in that book...?' Annghh. And she had him die alone, with no admiring dragon king by. As there ought to have been, according to the die-hard 'Hakuryuu is Goujun' fanpoodle in this corner.
Tags: rl, saiyuki_gaiden

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