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OK, I believe you. Sakurai Takahiro has never played a role that I've seen which uses the Fakir voice from Princess Tutu. I've heard him as sweet young thing or genki young thing, as per (Meine Liebe and KKM) and *possibly* in the last he *occasionally* dropped into those achingly familiar low velvet registers that I heard on Saturday. (Though if he did, I wasn't paying attention, because KKM raw has sound problems.) But he never played the seme role that I at once associated the voice with, or if he did I never heard him do it.

Finished The Last Continent. Never mind Rincewind being a touch one-note, the staff of Unseen University is one-note. Very accurate, I'm sure, if I'm remembering my own profs correctly, but jeez. Must be a Brit thing: taking the mickey out of privileged upperclass white men, from Col Blimp onwards. Hilarious. Am being reminded that I have no sense of humour; and frankly, I can't keep them apart in my mind. The difference between a dean and an arch-chancellor is a trifle fuzzy if you're not in the system.

By way of contrast, finished The Fifth Elephant. Now *that's* what I want to see. Consummate politicians like the Low King and Lady Margolotta, both of whom I'd like to see more of some time, and preferably soon. Dwarf sexual politics become increasingly more fascinating. 'You mean they're--?' 'They're both dwarfs.' So what if your careful roundabout questions reveal that the person under the beard whom you find so attractive is actually the same sex as yourself. What then? No one knows except that for the odd lack of children- which might not be odd if there are also infertile dwarfs.
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