mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The usual annoyance

Got a bunch of idiocy in my spam filter. Deleted it and then, on some kind of hunch, went and looked at the one titled 'I need ur help pls.' It goes, in its entirety

sorry to bother you...but I really need ur help...I have this manga (lady lady) and I want a translation for a few pages of it coz I don't know japanese...and it's totally for personal use... so plz if u could help...I really need it..

(Follows 9 urls of double manga pages scanned in, and then)

plz help...I really do need this favour..please


My guess is the writer is 14 and more clueless even than I was at that age. I have no idea whether to tell her as kindly as my ire permits that this is not the way you ask a stranger for help, or just to delete the thing again.
Tags: wank

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