mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A small not unpleasant melancholy all yesterday, caused I think by going through my Saiyuuki guzu/ freebie files to find properly resonant homoerotic stickers to adorn Tav and Kiro's wedding poem. They come from ancient copies of Animage, mostly, in a 'Yes Virginia there was a time when I had a subscription to Animage and bicycled down to Sanko every month, or every few months, to pick up my copies' way; and there was a time when my main squeeze was an anime that featured prominently in Animage, which consequently offered many posters and postcards and seal sets of the anime version of the guys. All this happened in some sunny far off era, eight years ago, when I still copied my raw tapes for people because there was no other way then to get hold of them. That's all gone now, become infinitely distant and hence dear. I can't even remember when I cancelled my Animage subscription. Probably when shiny_monkey came home in '06 and I no longer had a source for the stuff.

But those little stickers capped from the second season closing credits and all the pre-Kamisama episodes reminded me of what it was all about, way back when.
Tags: anime, fandom, rl_08, saiyuki
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