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Witches Abroad
--couldn't get into Wee Free Men, didn't finish Fifth Elephant reread; sadly, the Pratchett engine ceases to chug as energetically as it did.

Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House

Aristotle and Poetic Justice
Poison in Athens
--I take it back about the narrator-hero being just an ordinary nice young Athenian man. He's thick as two short planks and a moral coward. Which makes him human, yes, but also raises the question of why Aristotle hangs about this rather shabby and self-preoccupied specimen. The view of Athens is serious yuck. Excellent corrective to The Last of the Wine.

This is what happens when you work a lot and play with hanzi a lot and try to read Stargate. Well, and write about seven pages of a new story. With poems. Some of which rhyme. Verse eats time.
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