mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wasteland Reading

Like almost everyone else, I assumed that Pauline Gedge's Stargate had something to do with the franchise of the same name. (And all I know of the franchise is that it makes regular appearances on fandom_wank.) It doesn't, of course. It's all about-- well, basically the same thing as To Reign in Hell.

And while it starts intriguingly enough, it fast descends into Last Battle Syndrome, with everything going bad and evil triumphing all round-- and with suspicious ease, let me say. Must be some kind of Calvinist holdover that in western works, certainly, Evil never has to struggle for its victories. Never mind Adam and Eve, Evil accomplishes the fall of demi-gods without even breaking a sweat.

This will probably be the book that teaches me to skim. But if you have to skim there's no point in reading. Maybe I should give up the fight and go read The Last Continent instead.
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