mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The confoozled

Graphics load slowly on this machine. So when I saw the headline Maple Leaf suspects slicers on The Star's page, I had a moment's head-hurt trying to parse these Maple Leaf suspects in the context of either hockey violence or Canadian nationalism. Then the photo of the meat-packing plant came up.

We have an odd situation at work, in that suddenly and unprecedentedly there are far more 4-year-olds needing Junior Kindergarten spaces than there are JK spaces to accommodate them. The local school had to do a lottery and there was much bad feeling over it. The Business Co-ord was saying to me 'It's like there was a mini-population spike in 2004. I wonder what caused it?'

'Can't imagine,' said I. '2003 was the complete annus horribilis. SARS, the Iraq War, the bla--- Oh.' Yes indeed. A two or three-night blackout in August '03 will give you a population spike in mid-2004.
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