mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I can has Rosetta Stone pt 2

In the course of my determined and efficient erranding today I dropped by Eliot's Books because a woman do need to drop into a used bookstore at least once a week day in case etc etc. Nothing I desperately wanted was there, though I serendipitiously found a copy of Lud-in-the-Mist which I shall reread to see if it's as unimpressive as I found it three decades ago. (Am hoping that what didn't impress me in my twenties and thirties will now, since what did then doesn't any more. Only fair, I think.)

John Crowley is shelved in the literature section on the second floor-- what a puff from Harold Bloom will do to a man-- so I limped up to see if there were any, which there weren't. But bookstores are bookstores and one cruises the shelves by instinct, and so I found a treasure: bilingual facing-page English and Chinese text of Pride and Prejudice. Opening at random reveals Mr Collins to be 高林先生, and after that I had to have it. If only because in Japanese that's 'Takabayashi Sensei'.
Tags: chinese, reading, rl

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