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I'm at the supermarket today when I suddenly register that the black jacket on the guy in front of me (grey blow-away hair, ancient hippie, rather like myself) has a pattern of the four guardian beasts on the back. Some HK import product, I assume, available maybe in Chinatown? A distinct step up, quality-wise, from the stock imports with mythical beasts on them. 'Scuse me,' I say, 'where'd you get your jacket?' 'I'd tell you but I don't know,' he says. 'Someone left it in a bar and never came back to claim it, so I took it. No idea where it's from except this--' and he shows me the zipper pull which, contrary to all logic, says Nike.

Yeah well- Nike it is. Or was. Googling about finds me only one online, available for a mere 150 euros, or 230 of our dollars. But ohh it would have been cool to have. No pictures do the colours justice, but this comes close. (The page for the original tattoo artist who designed the pattern.) I'd have framed it.

Otehrwise daegaer links to Top Ten Dying Languages including Yuchi, indigenous to Oklahoma.
Yuchi nouns have 10 genders, indicated by word endings: six for Yuchi people (depending on kinship relations to the person speaking), one for non-Yuchis and animals, and three for inanimate objects (horizontal, vertical, and round).
I think I'm in love.

But c'mon, guys- what's so unique about Guugu Yimidhirr and its brothers?
Guugu Yimidhirr (like some other Aboriginal languages) is remarkable for having a special way of speaking to certain family members (like a man's father-in-law or brother-in-law) in which everyday words are replaced by completely different special vocabulary. For example, instead of saying bama dhaday for "the man is going" you must say yambaal bali when speaking to these relatives as a mark of respect and politeness.
So Japanese doesn't do it *to* relatives, but the existence of taberu and meshiagaru for different people is surely much the same thing?
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