mjj (flemmings) wrote,

And I've never heard the original song either

To have it handy. Not that many of my fandoms are there

Lucky Jack and Maturin
Had done the dirty bop
But none could afterward recall
Which one had been on top.

An' it's who'll slash ye next time
Who'll slash ye noo?
The lass who slashed ye last, lad,
She no will slash ye noo.

Vetinari said to Carrot,
If you can believe it,
"Put that kingly sword away
Or I swear I'll help you sheathe it!"

An' it's who'll slash ye this time
Who'll slash ye noo?
The lass who slashed ye last, lad,
She no will slash ye noo.

Aral Vorkosigan, he was there,
And feeling mighty warm:
He'd tackle any lad or lass
Who wore a uniform.

You`re better than my Nescafe
moaned Klaus to Dorian Red
The Earl of Gloria just licked his lips
and pulled him in their bed.

That wabbit may be wascally
And oft-inclined to mock,
But even when he's dressed in drag,
He'll show you what's up, doc!

Singin' ass to your partner
balls against the wall!
If ye cannae get slashed on Livejournal
ye cannae get slashed at all!
Tags: fandom, pratchett, verse

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