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So rushthatspeaks talks about comfort reading and asks what people read when sick or out of sorts. And I notice none of her commenters said 'my own stories.' But that in fact is what I read when I'm down. Possibly because most of them were written as comfort-for-me stories in the first place. Err, yes, I *am* comforted by odd things.

Otherwise I don't dare say 'this is a reliable comfort read' about anything because next time I look at it, chances are good it won't be. Maybe Robinson's Wang Wei, still; but maybe not. Maybe Kawasou Masumi's oeuvre, but I've reread very little of it in fact. (Am always happy with her new stuff though.) Maybe Hundred Demons, but I had a spell of compulsive rereading that one (umm- late summer of '06 through winter of '07, I believe) and I'm not sure it'd work again. At the moment, Pratchett for sure (finished rereading Men at Arms in last night's netlessness) but no guarantees about six months' time, and a strong feeling of probably not. Maybe Sherlock Holmes, but only because it's been so long since I first read him that I've forgotten the stories.

Maybe in fact I'm at the winged chariot period where I no longer feel I have the leisure to reread much. My stories at least have the virtue of being readable in half an hour, which can't be said of any books I know.
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