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Came home yesterday to a message on the voice mail- "The modem's dead. I'll go buy a new router tomorrow." No internet all evening, which is OK-- a break from the usual, and I'd kept the Yukon solitaire page open. It's magic: even when I'm not connected to the internet-- even when, as last night, there's nothing to connect to the internet *with*-- it loads new game after new game, and no one knows why. Alas, when I'm not connected to the internet my mouse sticks, and once again no one knows why. This makes both solitaire and writing an exercise in frustration.

Came home tonight to a message on the voice mail: "Good news, I got the router connected. Just change your defaults to TP-LINK. Oh, and we're going to the cottage." Well, great: but my little pipe organ shows no connection, it won't let me encrypt the new connection, exiting and rebooting does nothing but lose me my Yukon solitaire. I call my brother, who's somewhere this side of Oakville. "Go to programs- accessories- communications- and start the set-up from there."
"There's nothing in thecommunications folder."
Blank silence.
"But there must be."
"But there isn't."
"Look, I'll call you back."

I keep clicking at things randomly on my little pipe organ's menues. Reboot again. Suddenly I have a connection except there's no link quality or signal strength and nothing downloads. I click more random things. I reboot. I click IE and suddenly it can access my lj. It seems to be because I've unclicked data encryption. OK, fine. At least I have a connection. Maybe I'm just piggy-backing on my brother's. Fingers crossed that it lasts until he gets back and can set it up properly.

But the evening's weirdness isn't over yet. I go into Firefox and click on my lj site, which is under the fanficrants site. I've complained that you can't move anything around in Firefox by click and drag: you have to do it through Organize Favorites. Except somehow clicking Off the Cliff I make the fanficrants link disappear completely.

Cue Twilight Zone music.
Tags: rl_08, techy

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